A Week of Sleep: How the Fellas got their Groove Back

It’s been a week and a half since we started “sleep training.” It sounds so awful, like our son is a dog. But the truth is it’s one of the greatest things to happen to us since our beautiful son came into our lives. Life is becoming manageable and we’re able to start living as a family. Here are seven reasons why: Continue reading


Don’t Tell Dr. Sears: Sleep Training, Night 1: A play-by-play

At the baby’s 2 month check-up, our lovely doctor told us it was time to start sleep training. Sleep training?! The mere mention of the babe sleeping 10 hours at night made Gabriel tear up due to overwhelming joy. We were also both exceptionally nervous. The plan is to put him to bed at 8PM and not touch him until 6 AM. OK…

Well, we wasted no time. Tonight is Night 1. E has been bathed, moisturized, suited up in his BumGenius 2.0 plus doubler, dressed in a long-sleeve onesie and a Sleep Sack… ready to go! We sang him a lullaby, said our nighttime prayers, and put him the crib. That was a little before 8 PM.

Here’s the play-by-play…

Dylan: It is now 8:06PM, and he is crying. Eek! Can we do this? Our mothers have told us to call for moral support. Gabriel has told me that if I go near the nursery he will tackle me. Yes we can!

Gabriel: 8:18PM: I don’t know if I can do this. Dylan was the nervous one but I’m the one that’s not sure I can handle it. E is still crying. But what’s weird is that he usually only cries when he’s hungry, but he didn’t eat that long ago. My stomach is doing flips. I’m fighting the urge to run in there and calm him down, and check his diaper.

Gabriel: 8:51PM: has stopped crying and we’re feeling a little better. We opened a bottle of wine and are getting dinner together. Earlier I had to make Dylan turn off the monitor while he was crying. Now it’s back on and he’s just whimpering a little.

Dylan: It’s 10:08PM. E is asleep, making the usual sleeping noises. We’ve had a nice dinner (healthy stuff with a touch of what we’ve been missing during Passover) and some tasty wine. It kinda feels like it did pre-baby, which is very weird. G and I are going to set-up camp and finish watching the first disc of Season 1 of the Wire.

Dylan: With the exception of a short crying jag at 4AM, all is quiet in the nursery. E has been asleep, although we have not… is getting up to check the baby monitor so different from waking up for a feeding? I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Anyway, it’s 4:40AM, and I’m wide awake, counting down the minutes until 6AM.

Dylan: 5:12AM – Crying. And a lot of it. And then he stopped as soon as he began. Aah, self-soothing!
5:29 – Just kidding. He’s at it again.

Gabriel: 6:00AM – Amazingly, E is calm and quiet as we wake him up. We, on the other hand, are exhausted. We really did try to sleep, but we were terribly uncomfortable. To make the process easier, we slept in the living room on an air mattress so we wouldn’t hear E all night (not to worry, we have a monitor – and we checked it every time he wasn’t crying to make sure he was breathing.) But that air mattress was really uncomfortable. Oh well – It will all be over soon and E will have good sleeping habits (unlike me.)

We did it! Now, on to tonight…