Bye-bye Nalgene, Hello Metal Water Bottle

After many years of Nalgene use (including the occasional scrubbing under very hot water — eek!), I am jumping ship to safer-water-bottle-land. Nalgene has been an aggressive defender of BPA’s safety, so I’m not too sad to go.

Here are the options I am considering:

  • The Klean Kanteen – Reusable, lightweight, and risk-free 27oz stainless steel bottle comes with your choice of a loop, flat, or sports drinking cap made from safe, non-leaching polypropylene (pp#5). Weighs 8 ounces. About $18.
  • Corn-based Biodegradable 16 Ounce Bottle with Carbon Filter – Buy 4 Get 1 Free at Your Guide to Green @ $8.49 each. These bottles look like your run-of-the-mill plastic bottles, but they’re made of 100% corn plastic. They’re good for 90 uses, and biodegrade in 80 days. An interesting choice if you have access to a compost heap (which all NYC-ers do at their local greenmarket). This would also be a good choice for low-schlepping and lazy days when you’ not ready to give up on the lightweight convenience of bottled water.
  • Sigg. Oh colorful, beautiful Sigg! A one liter bottle costs about $20. Is it worth the extra couple of bucks. I think so. I also know a lot of people who drink from Siggs and no one complains about funny tastes or any of the usual water bottle complaints. Sigg bottles have also done well in consumer testing match-ups with similar stainless steel bottles.
  • There are also great no-name stainless steel bottles out there for less than the Sigg and Klean Kanteen. If you do a search on Google
    you will find lots of these mixed in among the name brand ones.

UPDATE: Via Z Recommends, Nalgene announces plans to offer a BPA-free water bottle. After defending BPA and its use, should we really stick with you, Nalgene?

PS – Check out these great leak-proof, BPA-free food jars at the Two Gay Dads store on