Seaweed Becomes Clothing!!

Tencel is nothing new… wood cellulose turned into a fiber for clothing… but seaweed?! The image conjures some alchemical process in my mind. I can’t even imagine how one goes about turning seaweed into yarn.

And yet, here I am, blogging about SeaCell, a blended fiber of cellulose and seaweed. SeaCell is marketed as an innovation because it has great breathability. The increased airflow is great for the skin, and if you’re cloth-diapering without PUL covers the increased airflow will further reduce risk of diaper rash. The makers of SeaCell also say that the seaweed fibers promote the production of anti-inflammatory proteins in the skin… that sounds a little far-fetched, though. There is also SeaCell Active, the same fiber infused with Silver ions, which have antimicrobial properties.

Even if the claims are bogus, Future Factory Clothing/Baby Elephant has some cute baby basics make of SeaCell. They’re priced well, too. So, if you’re in the market for a cute, breathable, possibly anti-microbial onesie, give one of these a try! You’ll also be doing something good for this fair planet of ours.