A Week of Sleep: How the Fellas got their Groove Back

It’s been a week and a half since we started “sleep training.” It sounds so awful, like our son is a dog. But the truth is it’s one of the greatest things to happen to us since our beautiful son came into our lives. Life is becoming manageable and we’re able to start living as a family. Here are seven reasons why:

1. We get to sleep! Waking up every time your baby cries and feeding him a bottle and feeling bad that you’re not totally awake and focused on him is not fun. It’s a way to keep yourself from getting the sleep your body really needs so that during the day you can focus on your child, your spouse, your work. Now we get to sleep too!

2. We have a routine. I’m not much for routines (or so I thought). But this has been great. Knowing what the evening will look like has been great. There was no special “good night” moment before, no marking the end of another wonderful day. It was like, do we read a book after the 6pm bottle or the 9pm? Do we sing at the midnight bottle? Now we have a wonderful routine that just warms my heart ech and every night. We have our last bottle of the day, get cleaned up, put on fresh clothes (honestly it’s funny how at this stage there’s really no difference between daytime clothing and pajamas), read a book, sing a song, and do our nightly prayers. It’s great bonding time.

3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Although the first couple of nights were pretty traumatic for the two of us, when morning rolled around and we rushed in to get E, he couldn’t have been happier to see us. He smiles a huge smile every morning when we come in to wake him up! He seems to be really excited.

4. Mornings rock! We’re not really morning people. Mostly it’s because, unlike our son, we don’t have great sleeping habits. Well, now we have no choice but to be up at 6 AM every day. And having that extra time, not rushing in the morning, and seeing each other before we get home from a long day at work is awesome. We even have cereal every day! Don’t get me wrong, we have both sneaked in an extra nap after the first bottle, or while the other one is feeding E, but we still have more family time than before.

5. Set for life. As someone who doesn’t have good sleep habits and has been battling with it for as long as I can remember, it’s great knowing that we’re giving our son an advantage. I’m not saying there are great and valid reasons not to sleep train, but it’s working for us and E.

6. Fewer bottles to wash. You know this is a big one – pretty, but big. So just do the math. If E eats every three hours, but doesn’t eat between seven in the evening and six in the morning, how many bottles does E use every 24 hours. That’s three fewer bottles every day, and only having to worry about having one clean bottle ready before you go to bed.

7. Time to ourselves. Need I say more?

So those are my seven favorite things about sleep training. Thoughts? Your favorites?


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  1. This is very comforting to know that it worked for you! I am working on sleep training right now and my hubby is not so supportive. He just can’t stand to hear our son cry. So it’s nice to hear that it works out eventually! I think it’s worse at naptime… Thanks for your blog! It is really interesting to see what you two have to go through. You may be surprised to hear that I am Mormon, (I found your blog by searching for sleep training, not from the gay part!) but I just want you to know, now that I am here on your page, that I support families in whatever form they come in (I am not sure if you care what I support or not, but I just wanted you to know that I do). I know that not everyone has the same beliefs as me and I don’t think that they should be forced to, by my government, by religions, or anyone. So it is lovely to see that your family seems just as loving as mine, it proves a lot of people wrong and I wish they would see that. Again, thanks for your blog and I hope that the sleep thing is still going well for you now.

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