Bisphenol-A in Formula Containers

Check out this great post on Z Recommends: Z Report on BPA: Infant Formulas.

BPA is everywhere. If we want to protect our kids, we have to tell the manufacturers to take it out! I encourage you to write letters, talk to friends, get active!!


Whole Foods Does Dads Wrong. :-(

The men’s restroom in the Whole Foods on Union Square does not have a baby changing station! Only the women’s restroom gets a changing table. Not only that, the Manager I spoke to was annoyed that I complained, and told me they just don’t have enough space for things like that. I am a self-avowed Whole Foods-ie, but this makes me want to skip it until we get a changing table in the men’s restroom or a unisex changing room.

A Week of Sleep: How the Fellas got their Groove Back

It’s been a week and a half since we started “sleep training.” It sounds so awful, like our son is a dog. But the truth is it’s one of the greatest things to happen to us since our beautiful son came into our lives. Life is becoming manageable and we’re able to start living as a family. Here are seven reasons why: Continue reading